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I've been in other countries during financial collapse scenarios. The kind people talk about in alternative media or crisis mongers, the kind where normal people wake up and go, "what happened? I don't understand. What's going on?" This is the sell off as a result of the Fed's monetary policy and increased interest rates combined with a terrible holiday shopping season. You'll know its the real thing when two things occur right before it happens. One, local precious metals merchants start demanding more than the spot price for gold/silver/etc, but yet pay out closer to spot. Two, the local migrant immigrant (legal and illegal) population disappears. In my case it was the Pakistani's and Indians that fled Saudi Arabia and the UAE overnight, and the Ethiopians in Bahrain, abandoning all their possessions they couldn't hand carry onto planes. Streets were packed with abandoned vehicles, especially around airports and other transit stations. Apartments left in disarray sometimes with doors still open. You'll know the real crash when you see it. In the US, I'm betting we'll see the Mexicans flee right before the crash actually happens. Right now gold/silver are still going down in price, even locally. Pay no attention to the stock market, its always, ALWAYS the last thing to show. 
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January 8, 2016


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