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Mad Max is Metal as Fuck, and is Gynocentric

Journal Entry: Wed May 20, 2015, 12:20 PM

Mad Max is Metal as Fuck, and is Gynocentric not Feminist.

I've been hearing a lot lately about how the movie is being billed as some sort of pro-feminist doctrine or some shit. People will see what they want to see I guess?

Man, I don't know how people kept missing that the movie wasn't pro-feminism, didn't have a mangina protagonist (bait or switch). It was in fact a very MGTOW movie displaying all the characteristics of a society that had lost all of its production/tech/science, and about 80% of all the men, portraying an accurately predicted post-apocalyptic world where in a few men control the resources, the wealth and most of the women. A world where women compete for men while being used and abused by the few men capable of providing for them. A world where women have no sexual agency because there are only handful of men available to them, and only the most beautiful, the most fertile, and most healthy women end up surviving for long in breeding harems, as opposed to dying of hunger and thirst like all the other diseased and cancerous wretches scooping dirty water off the ground below. The same top tier women that live in peace, luxury, sanctuary with all their needs and wants cared for far above the masses of dying people. A world where only the top men get to breed with healthy strong women as predicted by evolutionary psychology. A world where the same women only revolt when the top men got too old and diseased and had to wear makeup, masks, and body shaping armour to hide their failing bodies. The same women who when one of them died, another had a line stating something to the affect of "I want to go back, he'll take us back! He treated us like goddesses and gave us everything! We had everything we wanted, and gave it up all for some green place!"

This movie wasn't feminism the movie, it was gynocenterism accurately portrayed the movie. Straight up gynocenterism front and center. Goddess worship, in a dead world where limited resources and limited breeding pool prevents women from exercising their sexual power.

As for Max? Well, for some reason everyone missed the part where he beat the shit out of the women, stole their truck, and DROVE THE FUCK OFF leaving them them to die. I'm getting a more MGTOW (your problem, my truck, fuck off) vibe than mangina. Furthermore, he only capitulated when it died due to dead-man switches built in and he needed the furiosa chick to start it properly. Even when he let them back on the truck, he confiscated the weapons (found all of them no less), and rode in relative silence most of the movie. Furthermore, he put the "damseling damsels" to work by having them man turrets, count ammo, re-fill guns, and keep watch, rather than let them sit around being rescued. More of a "if you want to get out of this, you're going to pull your own weight." He also didn't give a shit about any of them most of the movie, only acting in self defense or when one had been grabbed out of the truck. He even correctly identified the trap with the woman in the tower crying out for help later in the movie. Nor did he fall in love with any of them either.

As for his plan, well as absurd as it was, it made sense to put the little princesses back in their ivory tower and fuck off afterwards. In fact, the women didn't complain at all about the idea. All the bad old aged warlord men would be locked off from paradise, cast out to wander the wastes to die, while the returned dainty princesses would be free to choose the next successor male (and that male wasn't Max). A male that I guarantee would still be a descendant of the old warlord and this time, young, strong, attractive, and fit. A male that in time would be molded to be exactly who the harem wants and needs. Just like the old warlord.

At the end of the movie, what really changed? The perfect goddess princesses still in their tower, the breeders still milking, the damned and dying cancerous people below, but now with water, that will still be turned off rather than be wasted running into the desert sands, because that's not how deep water wells work. And Max fading into the crowd rather than deal with that shit.


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I had a good day. Ate some nice food and did ice cream. Doing a piece of cake today when things open.
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I had a good day. Ate some nice food and did ice cream. Doing a piece of cake today when things open.
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