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About Varied / Hobbyist Eric - Internet Art Collector34/Male/United States Group :iconbrutal-rage: Brutal-Rage
Fuck yeah, anger management!
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I don't post rants anymore, or artwork. After going MGTOW for several years now, well, I just sorta moved on. I know its not really understood well by the masses, but its more than just not giving a fuck anymore, and more than just explaining female nature, and more than just men's rights. Its that after you've made peace with reality, and human nature, its hard to care about any of the nonsense anymore. People, politics, movements, trying to change the world, identity politics, religion, etc, it all just stops mattering. Or I should say, stops feeling as important.  They are all so inconsequential to working on yourself, and caring about yourself, since no one else will. Hell, I even stopped commissioning artwork because I got tired of putting up with (most) artists' shit. That, and the massive changes in artwork demographics over the years, plus the SJW take over of all spaces online, makes it hard to stick around.

I realize that other than maybe a few people I knew here, most of the artwork doesn't do anything for me anymore. I've never really had a tribal identity, and trying to force one as an adult just didn't work. I never cared about sports, teams, politics, and movements

I think I'll occasionally commission a background or really cool idea (if I have one). But I look at what I have done these last two years and realized that I bought a really nice bike, a weapon, a grill, more cast iron stuff, a really big, sturdy table, a nice armchair (built it myself), and an ottoman (also built). I have these things while otherwise what I had was artwork, that I can only show a few people. And when the Internet is down (again), I'll still have transportation, my chair, my books, my tea, my crochet projects, and myself.

I wish you all well, but unless the world goes to hell soon, I don't think I'm coming back, and if it does... not sure the Internet will be here anyway. Thank you all for being here, but I think its goodbye.
  • Mood: Joy
  • Listening to: Fresh Aire by Manheim Steemroller
  • Reading: fuck all
  • Watching: nothing
  • Playing: my 3ds
  • Eating: FOOOD! That I cook myself
  • Drinking: Tea


Eric - Internet Art Collector
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
1. I love the colors of light blue, charcoal grey, and black.
2. I love longboarding.
3. I love rock, EDM, Trance, GOA, old-school R&B, jazz, and big band.
4. I'm single and I really want a nice girlfriend.
5. I love to cook.
6. I love spicy foods, Japanese cuisine, sushi, Indian, Arabic, and Persian foods.
7. I like going outdoors and doing stuff, but want someone to do stuff with.
8. I learned that cast iron cookware is bad-ass, and now all my kitchen pots and pans are cast iron.
9. I love the company of my friends, and would do much to help them out and keep them safe.
10. I'm shamelessly addicted to My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Fluttershy rocks!

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Thanks my friend! 

We will add photos soon :) <3
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how goes life? what's up?
its going pretty good , and with you how is life treating you ?
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Life is going well for now. Got some exciting job related training coming up. Networker virtual machine environment backup solutions (enterprise solution) in late October, and then in November, MWF x3 weeks to learn Cisco Vsphere virtual environment. Pretty nifty stuff. We've been using them for the last year and a half, but now we're training people in using it outside the initial people we had trained to set it up. And I'll be one of three people working on getting our backup setup working properly (finally...).
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I just finished Alice's box art :) 
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Yay! Checking it out. Looks really cool.
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